Business Servers

Shivam Computers Server support- offer our clients leading edge Server systems installations across all kinds of vertical markets. Security, availability, reliability and stability are recognized as critical criteria when delivering any level of Server Support from installation, configuration, design and support as we realize the importance of this element within any installed configuration.

The knowledge and expertise of our engineers is a resource made available to all our clients to ensure that they can meet their ever changing network requirements. We have the experienced staff across Service Support, Service Delivery and Professional Services to respond to all types of Server and Desktop incidents and requests.

Shivam Computers will constantly monitor all of your servers and can remotely check everything is working within the normal parameters. Our state of the art monitoring software warns us in advance of any impending issues. We are proactive in our approach and ensure that your systems are kept updated. For instance Microsoft often releases service packs and hotfixes that are crucial to the security of your network. We will ensure that your systems are kept up to date.

We have a wealth of knowledge working with a number of different network configurations. Shivam Computers’s growing team of Engineers all have many years of real world experience supporting networks, servers and PC’s. We have skills with all types of Microsoft server applications such as Exchange, SQL Server and Small Business Server.

When things do inevitably go wrong we have the systems in place and the skills in depth to diagnose and fix the problem in a timely and efficient manner.

SBS 2003

Like previous SBS versions, SBS 2003 includes everything a small business needs to get connected to the Internet, establish email, share files and printers, send and receive faxes, and so on. Many businesses now have SBS 2003 infrastructures in place to meet there current business needs. We can ensure your server is optimized for efficiency and complete regular checks to ensure that if the worst happens we can have your business back up and running in a matter of minutes.

SBS 2008 – Installations, Migrations and Upgrades

What are the benefits of SBS 2008 over SBS 2003?
Upgrading to SBS 2008 will put your business at the forefront of technology. This means that you will be able to take advantages of the latest developments in mobile working, remote access, Intranet technologies such as wikis and blogs as well as new disaster recovery capabilities. SBS 2008 is all round a better experience for businesses.

Microsoft have focused on security and mobility. SBS 2008 also contains the core systems that will be required for new products such as Microsoft Office Live Small Business and Windows 7.

Businesses that are currently upgrading are either those that need new server hardware and so an upgrade is sensible or those that have a specific requirement that SBS 2008 can deliver better than SBS 2003.

As with any IT purchase, businesses should ask themselves whether there is a genuine business reason to upgrade? If not then we suggest that you maintain your SBS 2003 installation until the need for an upgrade arises. SBS 2003 will still need support, so it is best to talk to us first to help maintain and maximize your existing investment.

How do I go about upgrading from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008?
SBS upgrades can be technically quite complex. Upgrades need to be planned in detail in advance; this is best done by our experienced SBS professionals. We have the experience to ensure that all our SBS upgrades are smooth, low risk and with the added benefit of minimizing downtime to your business.

As a general rule you will require new hardware for SBS 2008 as it is 64bit server software and requires the appropriate hardware with plenty of memory as well as other system resources to make it work efficiently. We will guide you through attaining the correct software licenses, the correct hardware and the right upgrade path for you. We also recognize that you want as little disruption to your business as possible and therefore we guarantee to keep the impact of an upgrade to the minimum with no distraction to your current day to day runnings.

What are the risks?
By using experienced SBS professionals, like Shivam Computers , the risks are very low. We will always discuss any potential risks with you beforehand and have already carried out numerous successful migrations for many of our clients. If you would like a testimonial or to speak with one of our clients on how they found the transition then simply contact us and we will provide you with the contact details.