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In Today’s Scenario, No doubt, there are different type’s software users i.e. Stand-alone Users, Integrated System Users and Highly Unique Users. These have their different aspects regarding software at the time of purchase. Stand-alone Software Users demands for software which is highly customizable as well as flexible. Integrated System Software Users, these are the Users who have to do large amount of accounting in which they have to do lesser amount of manual work. Highly Unique Software Users are the Users which needs software which will meet up the requirements of their business.

Marg understands the demands of all different users, so Marg decided to design GST software for Billing & Accounting which is capable of fulfilling the requirements of users. Marg GST Software for Billing & Accounting can be customized as per the business you are doing without any hassle. In Marg GST Software you can convert your bill in any format you need as well as send the bills through email, which will save your plenty of time. This will ensures that invoices will be distributes with higher degree of automation. Even there is a provision of sending bill through SMS if one is out of reach of his mail. You can also switch over anywhere from bill to bill which saves consumption of time. There is a provision of checking the back date stock position at the time of billing. There are many such small -2 provisions which help you in maintaining & managing larger amount of billing in much lesser sort of time. The best part of the software is its reporting. There are 1000+ types of reports which will help in comparing your sales and purchase, profit and loss through which you can think of the betterment of the sales. Marg provides online as well as offline support to the clientele of 6+ Lakh satisfied users of different trades with the help of their 500+ support centers.

Business Boosters

Comprehensive ERP solution for multiple location sales, distribution & manufacturing business to manage their entire down stream supply chains. The loosely coupled solution helps you to manage your chain network and take informed decisions from anywhere with complete visibility on your Business.

  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll Management
  • Business Analytics Tool
  • Warehouse Management
  • CRM


  • Retail Management

    Our retail Point of Sale Software Solutions are designed to address the challenges of Small & Independent Aspirants, Retailers and large multi-store Retail Chains. Their sector specific orientation, built using latest technologies, assure retailers ‘a visible improvement’ in customer engagement, by helping them source the right product at right price at the right time.

    marg retail chain manangement software
    • Inventory classification can handle the most complex of product portfolios
    • Use all promotions like buy-get, happy hour on various assortments
    • Module level and function level security based on user, role and site
    • integrates with e-commerce and logistics solutions
    • Payment modes – cash, credit, credit card
    • Open/ close POS, Begin/end day concepts
    • Powerful MIS reports on stock, sales and profitability
    • Inbuilt Customer Relation, Loyalty Card Management
    • VAT / Sales Tax Management / Statutory reports
    • Inbuilt Financial Accounting (Bill to Balance Sheet)
    • Cash drawer, counter and currency denomination tracking
    • User-wise / Counter-wise / Day-wise / Shift-wise cash summary
    • Complete cash and counter management with related reports
    • Inbuilt Integration with touch POS, Barcode Scanners, Pole Display… etc

    Supply Chain Management

    Marg Sales & Distribution Management software is specially designed for the Companies who want to control or manage their C&F/C&A, Distributors, Stockist, Super-Stockists while Sitting at HO. It covers all major operations like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Re-plenishment, Financial Accounting, MIS & VAT reports, Claims and Returns.

    marg supply chain management
    • Master Data Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Central Purchase
    • Location-wise Vat / Sales Tax Management
    • Loyalty & Promotions
    • Purchase Order Management system
    • Price & Credit Control
    • Purchase Import From Excel/dbf/csv/txt Files
    • Sales Order & Invoicing
    • Parcel & Dispatch Handling
    • Show Bill Value In 5 Self Define Currency
    • Cash and Fund flow with Bank Planning
    • Inbuilt Chatting System To Give Message To Users
    • Multi Store/Godown Management.
    • Self-designed Invoice & Other Formats
    • Financial Accounting
    • MIS, BI & Statutory Reports
    • Warehouse Management
    • Price & Credit Control
    • Offer & Claim Management
    • Central Accounting
    • Integrates With E-commerce And Logistics Solutions
    • Module Level And Function Level Security Based On User, Role And Site

    Manufacturing Management

    Marg Manufacturing software is specially designed for Small Manufacturing / Assembling units to High-end Manufacturing plants, by seamlessly integrating all transactions in production planning, costing, order management, purchase, testing, manufacturing process, inventory, sales, financial management, vat returns, excise till balance sheet.

    marg manufacturing manangement
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Purchase Management
    • Manufacturing, Planning and Control(i)  Production Planning(ii)  Requirement of RM/PM and budget Analysis(iii)  Additional RM/PM Add or Less (Manually)
    • Total Quality Management(i)  QA/QC of Raw Material, Semi-Finished And Finished Goods(ii)  Raw Material, Semi-Finished Good Receive/Reject/Pending(iii)  Under Testing & QA/QC Record of RM/PM(iv)  Rejection/Approval
    • Wastage Analysis
    • Multi Store/Godown Management.
    • Automatic Email & SMS Communication
    • Inventory Management(i)  Raw Material(ii)  Packing Material(iii)  Semi-Finished(iv)  Finished Goods
    • Financial Accounting Management
    • Sales Order & Analysis
    • Invoice & Excise Gate Pass
    • Bank letter & Cover Note
    • Management Reporting (MIS)
    • Vat / Sales Tax Management / Statutory Reports
    • Inbuilt Customer Relation Management

    Sales Force Automation

    It is a reporting software for all industries who do their product promotions in the market. software works as a complete tool that provide crucial information on the activities of the sales staff such as- Daily Call Reports, Attendance Reports, Stock & Sales Reports, Client Activity reports etc.

    marg sales force automation
    • DCR Management
    • TP Management
    • Automatic expense generate during submitting of DCR
    • Doctor chemist business analysis report
    • Monthly Stock and Sales Management
    • Secondary sales Management-Party wise
    • Order booking Management-Doctor wise/Chemist wise
    • Sample/gift management
    • Doctor yearly activity report
    • Missed call Management-Doctor
    • Profitability Analysis Management
    • Tracking of user
    • Frequency of visits
    • Doctor call and chemist call analysis
    • 24X7 Client Support
    • No website and server required
    • SAAS Based software