Network Cabling

Small businesses are relying on their IT more and more. Ensuring that the IT systems are operational as much as possible it is important to keep up with the ever changing technologies. Shivam Computers is a support company that works proactively to ensure that you are aware of these technologies and we employ them using our experts.

You will have a specific set of requirements that will need a solution tailored to meet your needs. Our consultants will discuss the various options with you in easy to understand ways without the techno jargon and ensure you have all the facts so you can make the most important choice.

Microsoft is now the most popular business networking environment and ensruing you have expert help is paramount. Our engineers will provide you with expert advice on your Microsoft Networking requirements.

We also provide cabling and email services at competitive rates. If you are a new business or are moving premesis then we can supply all your requirements.

From initial design to full implementation, our experienced team of engineers can construct a computer network that fits you business needs.
We undertake all aspects of network creation including:

  • Installation and support of Windows Small Business Server

  • Custom built servers and PCs

  • Network printing

  • Cat5 cabling

  • Internet and email access

  • Security and virus protection

We understand that IT systems these days are mission critical for most businesses. This is why we perform a thorough health check on your existing systems when we first take on any new Client. This will also include any links you may have to other sites such as VPN’s or WAN links

Shivam Computers will constantly monitor all of your servers and can remotely check everything is working within the normal parameters. Our state of the art monitoring software warns us in advance of any impending issues. We are proactive in our approach and ensure that your systems are kept updated. For instance Microsoft often releases service packs and hotfixes that are crucial to the security of your network. We will ensure that your systems are kept up to date.

We have a wealth of knowledge working with a number of different network configurations. Shivam Computers’s growing team of Engineers all have many years of real world experience supporting networks, servers and PC’s. We have skills with all types of Microsoft server applications such as Exchange, SQL Server and Small Business Server.

When things do inevitably go wrong we have the systems in place and the skills in depth to diagnose and fix the problem in a timely and efficient manner.


Shivam Computers can redesign or reconfigure your current network to give you maximum performance and increase productivity. We will check for bottlenecks or machines that require greater data through put rates.


Your business may have a number of sites that need to be connected in order to share data and valuable information. They may be small satellite offices or large main offices. Either way Shivam Computers can configure and install a Wide Area Network which will allow you to share all your data in a fast, efficient and secure method.


More and more businesses are starting to realize the potential of VPN technologies Almost all our Clients use them to some extent or another. As a result we have vast experience of working with these technologies.

Please contact a Shivam Computers representative today for a FREE network audit and health check.